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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general plan?
Every county in Utah must have a General Plan (UCA 17-27a-401). A general plan is the local government’s long-term roadmap for future development. It represents the community’s vision for its future and expresses the community’s goals on a variety of topics. The general plan contains the goals and policies upon which the county will base their land use and other decisions. It will address the issues facing the county for the next 10 to 20 years.
Why is Box Elder updating its plan now?
Box Elder adopted its current general plan in 1998. Since that time, the county has grown, new trends have emerged, and the State Legislature has passed many new requirements for general plans. These changes require an update of the existing general plan and an exploration of the future vision of Box Elder County. The updated general plan will look ahead to not only bring policies and programs up-to-date, but also position the county for the future.
What issues are included in a general plan?
A general plan is designed to be comprehensive. Utah state statute mandates that county plans address issues of land use, transportation, housing, and the county’s public land resources (a resource management plan). They also allow for counties to choose other topics of importance, which emerge from the public process.
Are cities included in this plan?
Each city is required to develop their own plan. The existing city and community area plans will be referenced and incorporated as part of this process. Coordination with the cities is an important aspect of this process.  Residents living within cities are encouraged to be involved in this initiative.
Why should I get involved?
The general plan process provides all residents and businesses the chance to help guide the future of their community, the place where they live and work. A successful general plan will reflect the community’s vision and priorities. Public input is critical to this effort.
Do I have to give up my property rights to achieve agricultural preservation?
The simple answer is no.

There are many techniques to preserve agricultural land. This link will take you to a reasonably comprehensive list.

What are the future development scenario for the County?


How do you imagine Box Elder County changing as it grows in the future?

  • Watch the presentation to learn about four alternative growth scenarios and the Growing Together process.
    • Link here
    • Presentation outline | time stamp on the video
      • Background/process | 0:00
      • What we’ve learned from residents | 10:22
      • Big ideas | 21:16
      • Alternative growth scenarios | 32:21
  • Explore scenario maps.


Did you miss the open house on March 10? All information shared is available in the video below.  Hear what residents have said so far, and explore four alternative growth scenarios that capture public feedback.

–> View the open house presentation at this link.


New to the process? It’s not too late to view the brainstorming workshop video which first aired in October 2020. This half-hour recording provides background information, including historical and trend data, what residents have said so far, and a summary of emerging issues. Following the workshop, hundreds of residents participated in a survey, which guided the creation of alternative growth scenarios that were released for public feedback beginning March 10.

–> View the workshop presentation at this link.