THANK YOU for Sharing Your Voice!

The survey related to the County’s future development scenario is now closed. The consulting team is working hard to compile over 650 of your comments over the next few weeks.

A report on the work done to develop this community vision will be presented in an online public open house on May 26th.  (If you would like to be notified and reminded of meetings like this, please click here).

Thanks again to those that have participated!  If you are interested in reviewing the scenario ideas that the survey was based on, you can find them at the links below.


Future Growth Scenario Concepts

How do you imagine Box Elder County changing as it grows in the future?

  • Watch the presentation to learn about four alternative growth scenarios and the Growing Together process.
    • Link here
    • Presentation outline | time stamp on the video
      • Background/process | 0:00
      • What we’ve learned from residents | 10:22
      • Big ideas | 21:16
      • Alternative growth scenarios | 32:21
  • Explore scenario maps.

Public Open House: Exploring Alternative Growth Scenarios

Did you miss the open house on March 10? All information shared is available in the video below.  Hear what residents have said so far, and explore four alternative growth scenarios that capture public feedback.

–> View the open house presentation at this link.

Public Brainstorming Workshop

New to the process? It’s not too late to view the brainstorming workshop video which first aired in October 2020. This half-hour recording provides background information, including historical and trend data, what residents have said so far, and a summary of emerging issues. Following the workshop, hundreds of residents participated in a survey, which guided the creation of alternative growth scenarios that were released for public feedback beginning March 10.

–> View the workshop presentation at this link.