Future Vision

The Box Elder Together planning process is based on the response of community residents and business owners to four different scenarios of what the future of the County might be like.

2050 Vision Scenario – Future Land Use

The vision map depicts one plausible way the vision principles could be applied between now and 2050. Communities remain distinct from one another, separated by open space and working landscapes where possible. Most new growth happens in the cities, with significant investment in mixed-use, downtown areas. Some growth happens in smaller towns. Because of agricultural preservation efforts, fruit growing, farming and ranching thrive. Orchards along the Highway US 89 corridor are preserved with conservation easement placed during rural residential clustering or through the purchase of development rights process. An agricultural heritage area encourages the preservation of farming with a commitment to large acreage zoning. New family-sustaining jobs are a part of cities and industrial areas.

Box Elder Together Guiding Principles

  1. Regional Cooperation. Our County and its cities, towns, and communities proactively work in cooperation to take advantage of opportunities and address issues that affect all of us.
  2. General Growth Patterns. We invest in our towns and cities that have served us well for generations. We encourage most new growth to happen in these communities, maintaining safe, vibrant, and prosperous places for future generations. We preserve and protect our agricultural and natural lands that surround our cities and towns. We encourage strategies that enable long-term agricultural pursuits and support our rural atmosphere.
  3. Agriculture & Rural Character. Agriculture is an important part of our history, heritage, and economy, as well as an important part of our future. We actively preserve orchards and the small fruit industry as well as our farms and ranches.
    • Cluster development to focus growth and protect remaining agricultural land from dispersed development.
    • Designate agricultural heritage areas to preserve options for large-acreage farming & ranching.
  1. Natural Resources. We conserve our natural resources, which have inherent value and contribute to our quality of life in Box Elder County.
  2. Quality Neighborhoods. We provide a variety of living options in our County and encourage the development of neighborhoods that will support residents with various incomes and through all stages of life. We protect opportunities to live in a rural atmosphere but focus most growth in new neighborhoods in our cities and towns.
    • Preserve and enhance existing neighborhoods and increase walkability.
    • Create walkable new neighborhoods with a variety of housing options and open space amenities.
  1. Downtowns & Mixed-Use Areas. Supporting vibrant growth in downtowns and mixed-use areas enables outlying areas of Box Elder County to maintain a rural feel and our cities and towns to cultivate a lively small-town atmosphere. By focusing most of the County’s jobs, shopping, dining
  2. Jobs & Economic Development. We are a part of one of the most vibrant regions in the country and home to a high quality of life that can attract employers. We will create more family-sustaining jobs in Box Elder County. and significant residential growth in these areas rather than dispersing growth across our County, we enable the “hearts” of our various communities to thrive while preserving surrounding agricultural lands.
    • Downtown Brigham City and Tremonton are the centers of activity—the destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, supporting strong working and living environments.
    • Smaller communities, including Willard and Perry, foster small, walkable districts for gathering, shopping, and dining.
    • Attract and partner with employers in key industry sectors to locate in our downtowns and in industrial areas.
  1. Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Trails. We value access to the great outdoors. We will develop a robust recreation network that improves access to recreational activities and lands.
    • Local trails connect residents to a regional network.
    • Regional trails provide access to our beautiful rural and natural setting.
  1. Transportation & Infrastructure. We make sustainable, efficient, and convenient infrastructure choices that place Box Elder County and its communities in a strong position for the future. Infrastructure systems generally include transportation, water, sewer, waste disposal, broadband, and energy.
    • Emphasize local streets that provide efficient options for cars, bikes, and pedestrians and reduce pressure on US 89.

Development Scenario